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Renaissance Queen Dress

Renaissance Queen Dress

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Renaissance Queen Dress

An epic dress fit for the Renaissance Fair or any Cosplay occasion.

A white under-dress with a large flouncy skirt and flared sleeves with a colored overlay which layers on top, complete with a laced corset front. 

Material: Cotton/Polyester Blend.

Order according to the "white dress" size guide below. 

Size White Dress Length  White Dress Bust White Dress Waist Outer Dress Length Outer Dress Bust Outer Dress Waist
S 54.7"/139cm 45.7"/116cm 43.3"/110cm 52.4"/133cm 33.9"/86cm 28.3"/72cm
M 54.7"/139cm 47.2"/120cm 44.9"/114cm 52.8"/134cm 35.4"/90cm 29.9"/76cm
L 55.1"/140cm 48.8"/124cm 46.5"/118cm 53.1"/135cm 37.0"/94cm 31.5"/80cm
XL 55.1"/140cm 50.4"/128cm 48.0"/122cm 53.5"/136cm 38.6"/98cm 33.1"/84cm
2XL 55.5"/141cm 51.9"/132cm 49.6"/126cm 53.9"/137cm 40.2"/102cm 34.6"/88cm
3XL 55.5"/141cm 53.5"/136cm 51.2"/130cm 54.3"/138cm 41.7"/106cm 36.2"/92cm
4XL 55.9"/142cm 55.1"/140cm 52.8"/134cm 54.7"/139cm 43.3"/110cm 37.8"/96cm
5XL 55.9"/142cm 56.7"/144cm 54.3"/138cm 55.1"/140cm 44.9"/114cm 39.4"/100cm

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